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We’re a creative agency dedicated to propelling start-ups and scaling businesses through marketing, branding, and design. We start with a business’s needs, pains, and purpose to create a solution that’s engineered for success.

Results That Resonate

We combine strong consumer insights and deep analytics with creative design to make sure your business’s strategy tells a story. Rather than get numb to numbers, we empower our clients to use data to drive their decisions.

Marketing campaigns that evoke strong sentiments create a strong brand. Whether that’s through caringly shaped visual identities or spur-of-the-moment social stories, our team creates flexible, dynamic campaigns that deliver.

We do this by merging statistics with storytelling, numbers wiith nuance, and campaigns with creativity to create effective emotional work.

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Because it's our...

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The Journey So Far

Whether you call them clients, customers, or collaborators, the teams we work with become more partners than projects.

The distinction matters. Our team takes a people-first approach to our work. Not only does that shape our relationships with our partners, but it creates work that’s more engaging, more meaningful, and more effective.


From our first strategy call, we work to understand where the brand is coming from, who they are trying to reach, and why. That connection matters. It’s what gets a customer to click a link, buy a product, or support a campaign. When you keep the heart of the matter at the forefront of the conversation, you’ll always have something to say.

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Branding agency in Canada, Brand identity service, branding service in Canada, The Creation of Zenmerch


Who We Work With

(And Who we Don't)

We solve our clients’ problems with a tech-minded, creativity-driven approach to marketing, branding, and social media.

That’s our approach and businesses that are open-minded to this handcrafted, creatively driven path to success are the ones we are enthusiastic about working with.

For all business owners we excel at crafting marketing solutions that drive engagement, convert customers, and leave emotional, lasting impressions.

We’re not for everyone, though.

For brands that are happy with their approach, for brands who think what got them to this point is good enough, or for brands who prefer to stick to what they know, our approach may not be for you.

We take a risk in saying that, but we value our team and our energy. When we work with someone, they become a part of our team, and we become a part of theirs. As such, we want to be clear about what we offer and how we work. Greatness is possible, but it takes teamwork to get there.

Our campaigns speak for themselves. And so do our partners.

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